September 6, 2019: Town of Queen Creek accepted our Letter of Donation, officially giving the Arena 3 Cover to ToQC for construction.

August 16, 2019: Delivery of the Arena 3 Cover and the remaining $133,059 has been paid in full (for a total arena cost of $166,059)

June 5, 2019: $30,000 was wired to Metal Buildings Outlet as a down payment on the Arena 3 Cover.  This is consistent with the Town of Queen Creek Resolution 1268-19 that authorized the construction contract for the arena.

June 5, 2019: Town of Queen Creek Town Council approves Resolution 1268-19 regarding construction of the cover over Arena 3 at Horseshoe Park, contingent upon that cover being donated by Friends of Horseshoe Park, not to exceed $326,000.

September 5, 2018: Tonight the Queen Creek Town Council approved 5-2 to fund the creation of construction documents needed for a Request for Quote for the covering of Arena 3. We will be donating $10,000 of our non-earmarked CIP funds to this step in the construction process.

August/2018: An RFQ (request for quotes) is being developed and will be make public in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

6/7/2018: Queen Creek Town Council voted 5-2 to pass the FY19 Town Budget, including funds to cover Arena 3!   Next step is a contract for design and construction, but we still have matching funds available so please continue to donate!

5/16/2018: Queen Creek Town Council voted 5-2 to include the covering of Arena 3 in the FY19 Town Budget.   Acceptance of this budget will be voted on at the June 6 Council meeting.

4/26/2018: The ToQC Budget Committee has voted to move the covering of Arena 3 forward for consideration by the full Town Council!.

4/25/2018: The covering of Arena 3 will be heard by the Budget Committee this Wednesday, April 25, for consideration as part of the FY 2019 Town Budget.    Here is the Staff report to the Budget Committee on the project: Budget Committee Memo and Attachments

3/15/2018: We will be accepting donations during Roots N’ Boots Queen Creek at the RnB merchandise table, which we host as a Town of Queen Creek Signature Community Event.   Come learn about this great project from both a heritage and an economic benefit point of view.

Project Details

Start Date: 15 March 2017

End Date: 15 March 2020

Money Goal: $150,000 => Exceeded!   We  have raised $175,940 and it continues to grow!


This project is to raise funds for improvements at HPEC intended to improve its economic benefit to the Town of Queen Creek.   Several possible projects have been identified: 1) covering arena 3, improvements to arena 1 (e.g. improving the sound), and a permanent show office building.

From our perspective, covering Arena 3 provides the best improvement to HPEC and would allow the site to recover ALL it’s operating and maintenance costs.   See the supporting information below for details.

In order to support the wish of some large donors, donations over $500 can request a separate agreement stating their money will be returned if it is not used for covering Arena 3.

FOHP started the fundraising with $5000 direct donation and $5000 to match donations between $20 and $500.

Donations are accepted by cash (in person), check to Friends of Horseshoe Park CIP (PO Box 1062, QC. AZ. 85142), or online (here)



Introductory Presentation: Arena 3 Cover Council Presentation 6opt-nbk  (9March)


FOHP Project Description: Arena3Cover_ProjectProposal R3 (pdf)

FOHP Donor Agreement: FOHP_A3C_Donor_AgreementR3 (pdf)

Budget Committee Staff Report: Budget Committee Memo and Attachments  (23April2018) Including ROI analysis

Press Release

CapitalCampaignPressRelease 17March2017


Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce Letter of Support

Arena 3 Concept

This view is from the North around the Barn area, looking South at Arena 3

This is an aerial view looking northwest from the southeast corner of the park.   This shows the covered Arena 3 between Arena 1 to the south and the barn building to the North.